Tough Product
4 February 2014

Tough Product

An estimated 34 million people in the US are killed or injured each year as a result of product-related accidents, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Tough products, which range from e-cigarettes to sofas and shampoo, account for more of these incidents than others; toys and playground equipment, for example, caused 524,587 injuries between 2008 and 2012, and bicycles caused 556,660.

Consumers and regulators increasingly blame companies for compromising product safety and go through the courts to seek redress. The total annual claims bill in the USA is now estimated at $12 billion. For tough products, like toys and bicycles, this has resulted in higher insurance costs and, in some cases, the inability to find cover.

RKH Specialty has launched a new facility that provides cover for tough product liability classes like these, with the ability to provide unusual or unique enhancements that assist clients in mitigating and controlling their product liability exposures. It is underwritten at Lloyd’s and offers up to $5 million capacity for any one risk.

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